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The price per translated page varies depending on field, volume and deadline. If same-day translation is requested, a rush fee of 50% of the standard price applies.

Traducere din limbaPRET
English, French30 RON
Spanish, Italian35 RON
German40 RON
Dutch, Serbian, Ukrainian,70 RON
Olandeză, Sârbă, Ucraineană,
Czech, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak
80 RON
Albanian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek90 RON

Important information

The rate for medical documents is 20% higher than the list price. For a specific offer, please e-mail us at office@translexical.ro.

For certified translations (bearing the translator’s signature and stamp) we do not charge additional fees.

Notarization price

Notarizations cost 50 RON for the first notarized copy of a document. Additional copies of the same document cost 20 RON each.

We can also provide complementary services (subtitling, DTP, formatting, and editing).

Interpretation price

The cost of interpreting services is calculated based on the duration, language pair and location of the event/meeting.

The price of an hour of interpretation into/from English starts at 200 RON.

Apostille price

The price of an apostille is 120 lei, regardless of whether it is affixed to a translation or an original document.