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Notarized translation services

We offer notarized translation services for the 40 languages in our portfolio and provide advice on how to optimize costs and obtain all the approvals you need for notarized translations.


About notarized translations

What is a notarized translation?

A notarized translation is a translation that includes the notarization of the translator’s signature based on their submitted specimen signature. This certifies the authenticity of the sworn translator’s signature and that the translator holds a license issued by the Ministry of Justice.

Benefits of collaborating with Translexical


  • Available seven days a week via phone, e-mail and chat;
  • We reply in about one hour (during business hours);
  • Cost optimization advice
  • Super-fast delivery
  • We prepare the documents that require notarization so that they comply with the procedures of notaries and institutions;
  • We go to all institutions on your behalf (notaries, Chamber of Notaries, embassies);

Official documents

At Translexical we perform notarized translations of official documents:

  1. Notarization
  2. Certified date and certified true copies
  3. Apostille from the Chamber of Notaries
  4. Superlegalization from the Ministry of External Affairs/embassy
  5. Study documents: certificates, authorizations/licenses, diplomas/degrees
  6. Vehicle documents
  7. Notarial statements, powers of attorney, etc.
  8. Legal, technical, medical and financial documents
  9. Personal documents: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage documents, divorce documents, etc.
  10. Agreements/contracts, certificates or articles of incorporation for companies