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Certified and notarized translations

The Translexical team provides certified and notarized translations in 40 languages and in almost any field, such as technical translations, medical translations, economic translations, financial & banking translations, legal translations or translations in any other field.


About Certified and notarized translations

Why choose us?

We offer you professional services of certified and legalized translations in Bucharest, from the most common to the rarest, for which there are certified translators in Romania. Our team will identify the most suitable translators and offer you the best solutions for your needs.

What do we translate?

The most requested types of documents requiring authorisation from the translator are:

  1. Educational documents – Transcript of records, baccalaureate diploma, bachelor’s degree, diploma supplement; qualification certificate; transcript of studies, post-secondary diploma, analytical program.
  2. Legal documents – Criminal record certificate, court order, power of attorney, notarial statement, commodatum contract.
  3. Vehicle documents – Contract of sale, vehicle registration certificate (Brif large, Brif small), purchase invoice.
  4. Civil status documents – marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate.
  5. Manuals – User manuals and instructions, specifications, product catalogues.
  6. Reports – Audit and financial reports, annual balance sheets, certificates of origin, customs declarations.
  7. Other documents – Medical letters, medical certificates, medical certificates, discharge notes, leaflets, manuals and presentation brochures, medical equipment, instructions for use of medical instruments.

Benefits of working with Translexical


  • Availability 7 days a week – by phone, email and chat;
  • Response in about 1 working hour;
  • Advice on cost efficiency;
  • Super-fast delivery
  • We prepare your documents requiring legalisation to comply with the procedures of notaries and institutions;
  • We make the trips to all institutions (Notaries, Chamber of Notaries, Embassies) for you;

What is a notarized translation?

A notarized translation is a translation that includes the notarization of the translator’s signature based on their submitted specimen signature. This certifies the authenticity of the sworn translator’s signature and that the translator holds a license issued by the Ministry of Justice.

What does certified translator mean?

Authorised translators are translators who have been recognised by the Ministry of Justice and who have been authorised to do so, and who hold a licence to provide authorised translations and interpreting services.

What are certified translations?

Only certified translations can be certified by a notary and thus become certified translations. When we talk about certified translations, we must distinguish between certified translations, simple translations and unauthorised translations. An authorised translation is a translation that is certified by an authorised translator and has the translator’s signature certified by a notary public. Notarial certification certifies that the translator’s signature is authentic and that the translator holds an authorisation issued by the Ministry of Justice.

How can a simple translation become an Authorised Translation?

A translation can become certified even if it has not been done by a certified translator, only if the document or text itself has been revised and checked by a certified translator, who, after correcting and checking the document, stamps and signs it.

How long before it’s ready?

  • Depending on the schedule and availability of the notaries, but also depending on the time needed for our courier to travel to/from the notary, the notarization of the translator’s signature by the notary can be ready the same day (1-2 hours) or the next day. You should also take into account the time for preparing and checking the translation.
  • The certified translation of a standard document is ready in a maximum of 1 working day from the time of payment.

Services included in the price of certified translation

  • Translation of the document by a translator authorised by the Romanian Ministry of Justice
  • Free advice
  • Preparation of all documents for certified translation
  • Authorization of the translation for one copy (application of the translator’s signature and stamp)

Services included in the price of the certified translation

  • All certified translation services
  • Free advice
  • Preparation of all documents for legalisation
  • Legalization of the translation
  • Time and courier services to and from the notary